The particular outstanding return you probably decided not to learn about: Phil Galfond tells defeating €900,000 deficit

The Old State Minister Responsible for the Economy has not said the horizon, in the bright newspaper, “‘New Normal’,” he took a written writing.

At the writer of the horizon, he addressed the period called the new normal in the process of coronavirus. The news that the new normal discourse “in Cairo is actually in the zabras in the zabra in the zoo,” likini does not say that there was no economic “new” development in this process.

For this period, he said, “so that the new is the new normal, in the middle of the casino capitalism, which was not only something other than continuing to the casino capitalism.

Covering from production, myopia with viewpoint and financial communities, with exchange manipulations, no legal understanding, all the greed, ambition and religion, is re-zuhur.

I’m similar to the news that the new normal discourse is that the zebras in the zoo in Cairo are actually painted in Cairo.

So the new normal is actually unfortunately in the middle of the casino capitalism, which is not only about the casino capitalism. Yesterday had a news in newspapers. “The wealth of the richest’s wealth increased by $ 23 billion in a week” he wrote. In all the world countries in the corona outbreaks, a hundred millions of people were unemployed and poor, while the 10 million serves of the richest list of Forbes magazine could increase 23 billion dollars in 1 week?

Of course, however, but in the order of casino capitalism. Tens of thousands of people who want to make high earnings of short and easy ways could have been such a thing that they want to make a lot of money in the stock exchange in a “herd psychology” in a complete “herd psychology” of their small savings.

Precisely what happened, so to Turkey from the United States “herd” with a short and easy way high gain-seeking masses, that neither the investment in the production of what market share in what although he had a remarkable change in the capital structure, the bottle as manüplatif fully – When he had attacked the shares in the stock market, such a strange, unbelievable, unacceptable and sustainable abnormal fortune increase on the paper.

In my opinion of the world’s wild capitalism, casino capitalism and of course, to hope that it can be rid of the ideological leaths by taking the ideological or relief from this epidemic.

Imperialism is not a case of ethical and equitable to actuated by removing a regional and / or general war / battles and without losing them only.

Although the US influence is weakening, though the world hegemony is eroding, Russia and several regional conflicts, including Turkey, especially in China, provocation and even battle afford to take without losing and wars, this casino capitalism seemed merely crude illusion to expect that self prosper.

Velev, a significant portion of the world nations is that they can implement economic-political and humanitarian solidarity and power unity in peace and cooperation with EU countries, including EU countries.

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