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Canada is the northern country of Canadian Dominyon with the old name, North American continent. Canada is spread over 5 regions and consist of 10 states and 3 areas; Atlantic Ocean Region, Central Canada, Canadian steppes, West and North Coasts. The culture and population of each region is different. The Atlantic Ocean consists of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador provinces.

Fisheries, farming, tourism, and mining are examples of the most important economy sources. The central Canada consists of Ontario and Quebec States. This region is the most populous area of ​​Canada. Ontario and Quebec include three quarters of Canada’s production. The Canadian steppes consist of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta provinces. A large part of these lands is flat and efficient, especially for farming and has rich energy sources.

The west of Alberta starts the Rocky Mountains at the end of the Canadian steppes. The Rocky Mountains, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Canada, includes the largest peaks of North America. This spacious, flatness of Ontario, leaves the Rocky Mountains of the Rocky Mountains separating the Canadian steppes, Alberta and British Columbia States. The north side is the 3 regions of Canada; Yukon, The Northwest Lands, and Nunavut. This 3 main grounds constitute a three-third soil mass of Canada. The sources of the northern side consist of oil, natural gas, gold, lead and zinc.

The distance measuring unit is kilometers in Canada. Canada is around 7,000 kilometers from the east to west. Halifax – Nova Scotia Dan Vancouver – 7 days by car to British Columbia; The same way as plane is around 7 hours

Canada’s population consists of 31 million people. More than 80 percent live in cities and districts within 250 kilometers of the United States. Ottawa is a population of 1 million, including Canada’s capital and is in Ontario Province. Canada’s largest cities; Toronto – Ontario (4.4 million population); Motreal – Quebec (3.4 million population), and Vancouver – British Columbia (1.9 million population).

French is the native language of Canadian 6.6 million. Most French people live in the state of Quebec, but close to 1 million French Canada’s other provinces and regions. 76 percent of the French living outside Quebec are ontario and New Brunswick. There are 50,000 French people living in Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia, also Nova Scotia 35,000, and Saskatchewan has a little less than 20,000 French population.

As an industrial society with a wealthy and high-tech, Canada today has free market-based economic system, production models and high living standards. Natural resources, forestry, mining, natural gas bearings, farming and fishing are important sources. Canada, telecommunication, Biotechnology, Space Technologies, is the world leader in the field of pharmacy. More business areas are opened in the service industry and information technology. Canada is a member of North American Free Trade Treaty (NAFTA).

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