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The only return of the American cinema is realism of the American cinemas, with the realism of the American cinema, with the realism of the fact that the realism of the American cinema is the new-realism. From the history of Bat> cinema, the effects of different approaches to reality to reality, and a certain seriousness of social problems and a period of cinema circles as “social content” movies as “social content” films. It is a cinema. The grace of the master directors of the cinema. AKAD ‘> n Law Nam (1952), such as mentioning the camera from the stories of the camera, and it is truly on the stories, and the same director’s tease to migrate from the tease of the city, and there is the process of clinging there. Bride (1973), the Gene (1973), the Bow (1974) and Diet (1975) of the Gene Internal Immigration of Refi¤ (1964) and the Determination (1964) and Deans (Ertem Gooker, 1964) and unending Like the road (feeling health, 1965), it is possible to mention the 1960s in this framework in this framework within the framework of social content. The Yetmifll y> s in Y> s not South Pioneered by the sanctions> ¤> and Turkey is an important milestone in the history of cinema> count> man South Hope (1970) that> Our bafllatabilece¤i the movie, the political orientation of a powerful new socialist The realistic wave can be told that the movie political atmosphere of the period is also capable of receiving a significant popularity. ferifer, which is seen, erden K> ral, intelligent Ökten and Ali Özgenturk, leading to the Line of South and wrote his scenarios, the new grapple sine-

The rings of the womans have to compromise the rapidity and period of the period. Community realistic cinema approach, especially after September 12, 1980, especially if the censorship of the 12 September 1980 is carried to the political issues, and by the impact of the rising female movement of the period and the cinemam from veteran directors. Attachment has found a ground that can continue the existence in the movies to the center of economic and sexual freedom of the females of the females. The “Women’s Movies” is a fantasy size of a fantasy size in a creative frame of the period, which is a fantasy size of the Pirhasan ‘> n scenarios> with the female scenarios. It should not be forgotten the contribution of the generating gospel AR ‘>.

The fact that the factor 3.9 is granted that the southern political cineman is accepted in the world-diameter, and the best directors of the best. 1970 Hope is the most voice of Southern Southern Movies.

Kayal>, KurtuluFl.k (2006) in the framework of the pubicmen, in order to obtain more detailed information about the subject. Ankara: Sea Bookstore. You can read the Kudani Book>. DEFLILLIAM Cinemas Telev n Text (1965), like the psychological hunger, such as karmafl The fact that there is a small number, offering characters and forms of layered antap structures, is arflive without seeing the interest they deserve. Mainstream> m cinema> n> n innovative- do not allow> s> and the insufficiency of the public interest, for example, of cinema in Turkey> n “sub> n call>” that in the 1960s, both Celebrity Cinema School in France (Institut des Hautes Etudes Cinématographiques)

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