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The penrose describes this number as follows: “It is seen that the Creator is determined by how many hits, ie the accuracy rate is as follows: (To calculate 10123 before to make this operation, then you need to overwrite this number 10 on 123 zero. Then you need to crash 10 as much as this number. It is not possible to write this number.)

This number is indeed incredible. If this number was 10123 above 101123 (as a topless number as a topless number), it was only too short to write this number even all the people’s life. If we used to use all the proton, neutron or photons in the universe and wrote a trillion number on each proton, neutron and the photon, we will not be able to write this number again. It is very clear that the creator is indeed created, how consciously creates everything. It is an extraordinary order, not an ordinary order that exists in the universe.

I have no samples of biology in the challenge of the book. In the context of biology and the theory of evolution, I am considering addressing “Design evidence” in my next book. By making a short exception in this section of the book, I would like to give an example of design evidence and probability accounts from the biology area.

The area of ​​biology is perhaps the area where the most evidence of design evidence can be offered. Hundreds of thousands of plant varieties have numerous insect types, fish, birds and very interesting features from each other to many different animals and people from each other. We can observe many of these features at the macro level. The complexity is further increasing to the micro level. We can examine the proteins that are a micro-part of live organisms to show this. It consists of every living proteins, no protein-free live. There are thousands of proteins even in the simplest bacteria. We see a single protein and see that this progression is sufficient to prove the conscious design of the micro world in living things, even if we examine the possibility of the formation of this protein.

For example, let’s address both the hemoglobin of the proteins in our body. As is known, hemoglobin sees oxygen transport in blood cells. A human has 60 Octillion (60,000,000,000,000,000,000) in the hemoglobin protein. Hemoglobin consists of 574 amino acids as a result of arriving in a row. 20 different amino acids are used in the human body. Each of these amino acids must be in full right place. For example, the killer disease of the sickle cell scessle is due to the fact that a single amino acid of the hemoglobin protein is not in the right place. We can show the likelihood of the sheer amino acids of a hemoglobin protein in a certain sequence:

We can understand that this possibility is impossible in terms of mathematics. The Universe has a baryon. We get a lower number from the bars, photons, photons in the universe. The estimated age of the universe is 15 billion years.

Universe: 15 billion years x 365 days x 365 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds = 473.040,000,000,000,000 seconds. We can also get this number as If we hit these two numbers.

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