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Of course, it is necessary to receive television technology and their content of these countries from ‘Modern’ countries. (Happy, 1991: 16) There is a faith in the high-impact power of the television in this consideration. However, there was later, various research reveals that the mass-conducting means of mass transmission means as strong as possible on individual individuals and society. (Lazar, 288: 1992), however, the agenda of the agenda of the agenda aside in the society of the agenda, which is created or the agenda of the agenda, and the social communication environment of the television in the society. It shows that it is an indispensable means of indispensable importance. The actions of managing or publishing televisions are not adopted or publications that can affect the television organizations, although they are not adopted to what they are affected by the fact that they are affected. If sampled; In the US’s Vietnam bankruptcy, it is a share of the American people’s support before the US administration of the US administration before the reach of the intervention of the cameras. r. Therefore, the US Army does not allow the image to be displayed from the fractional environments in their own control in their subsequent operations. In the Iraqi bankruptcy, the Savafl reporters and their news is that it has been checked so that the US Army Members of the Members Members Moving in US Army (Embedded / Tried) Journalists (EMBEDDED / ALFLED) > R. Similar examples are also found in our country. In 1996, the traffic accident occurred in Susuruk is the media supported for the protest for the protest for the protest, a minute of dark for the protest for the protest, is immediately from the examples from the line. On the other hand, in the immediate public audit of the television broadcasts, the belief that the viewers are affected by the publications are affected by the publications, and this blood> Broadcast He strikes herself in their regulations. The publications can be checked in this category even as far as the contains that are deficected in this category as well as a criminal offense in the continuation of the social bar. For example, 6112 counts, radio and televisions are organized in the art of publications on Article 8 of the Law on Article 8 of the Law on the issuance of the Law. Held in this item; Overall moral not to be contributed to the protection of the family, unregistering to the family, the transcentment of the familiarity of the familiarity of the familiarity of the family, will not be easily drawn to be easily drawn to the society of the potential impacts of the television, as soon as possible to harm the mental and moral development of children. They can be deemed indicators. What is the commercial process called Binary Sales in the media?

Transfer the television’s place in commercial events and the value of the commercial enabling R 1 as the subject in the field.

Television is an expensive value. In the case of the economic part of the publication, these words are told that these words are very important for television. There is a serious real share of this. Today, the national spring in Turkey> s to do to establish a television> the cost approach> k eighty million US dollars> being> ndad> r. (Not saying, 1998: 122)

In addition to this amount required for December installed, it should be kept in the line of a detection capital.

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